Silicone Screen Protector Vs Tempered Glass 2021

Silicone Screen Protector Vs Tempered Glass…!!!

Silicone Screen Protector Vs Tempered Glass 2021

A little bit of a disappointment in the past, because today’s screen protectors are very easier to install, better, and highly affordable than ever in every aspect you take.

Again in screen protectors for electronic devices like our smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, etc. Silicone screen protectors and tempered glass come out to be the most popular and widespread screen protectors.

But here comes the main question, which screen protector is the best Silicone or Tempered glass & Silicone Screen Protector Vs Tempered Glass?

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So to find out this answer in detail, read this informative post where we have broken down everything you need to know about how screen protectors work, is it really worth, what they offer and all and finally comes out to know Silicone screen protector Vs Tempered glass.

Without any further delay, let’s dive in and explore…

Why you must need the best screen protector?

Everyone knows that smartphones are not only a fad these days but a very basic necessity in our everyday life for any kind of activities he/she does online or offline.

So, whenever we buy a new smartphone we must think about how we are going to protect the pristine glass screen surface of it because most of the damage, bumps, cracks, and all appear to be on the screen only, and for our bad luck, the smartphone screen display is one of the most expensive element to get it repaired or replaced and it may be a big hit bad fortune if you take it easy and don’t opt for the best screen protector.

In the market, there are various types of screen protectors (or screen guards) available like Silicone screen protectors, tempered glass screen protectors, ceramic screen protectors, plastic screen protectors so and so forth.

Screen guards protector protects your phone screen from any accidental damage, cracks, bumps, drops that can happen during everyday usages, which may lead to scratches, breakage, or any other severe damage.

Manufacturers of each type of screen protector ( including Silicone glass screen protector as well as tempered glass screen guard) claim that their product is the best in the market protecting the original glass screen of the Smartphone.

Yes it’s true and every company says our product is best, we are not denying the fact but the point is that adding an extra layer of protection over the glass screen of your Smartphone display is the best option to be on the safer side rather be sorry for the loss and damages later.

So, the important part is to pick the perfect, right, and best kind of screen protector for your Smartphone. And I know you have stuck between a Silicone screen protector and a tempered glass screen protector.

As per the customer’s behavior and market scope, the Silicone screen protector was the undisputed leader and ruling the whole screen protector market but nowadays people are discarding Silicone screen guards and accepting tempered glass screen protectors as the savior of their Smartphone glass screen display?

Why is it so? We have discussed below… let’s check it out.

Silicone screen protector Vs Tempered glass

To understand which screen protector to choose and prefer, we have broken down both the Silicone screen protector and tempered glass screen protector so as the grasp the points perfectly.

Silicone screen protector

The pros about the Silicone screen protector are as follows.

  1. The silicone screen protector offers reusability, Tempered Glass Vs Silicone Screen Protector.
  2. If you want to take the screen off, then you can easily do it at any point in time and use it later.
  3. The extended life span of Silicone screen protectors.
  4. Silicone screen protector lasts longer and it shows no cracks, bumps, etc. if it slips or drops from a height to a hard surface.
  5. A Silicone screen protector is comparatively a lot cheaper, affordable, and available than the tempered glass screen protector.

Some cons about the Silicone screen protector are as follows.

  1. Silicone screen protectors get scratched and cracker easily.
  2. Scratches are easily visible too.
  3. After a certain period of time Silicone screen protectors lose their clarity resulting unnatural, haziness, and ugly look to the phone.
  4. Silicone screen protectors are much thinner than tempered glass.
  5. Not fingerprint spot resistance.
  6. Small scratches will turn into big cracks in Silicone screen protectors and with time making your Smartphone ugly and useless to use.
  7. Lastly, the installation of Silicone screen protectors is way tougher and difficult.

Tempered glass screen protector

The process of making classy and natural glass feel tempered glass making is to make the best, durable, and stronger screen protector than normal glasses.

The tempered glass screen protector is actually 5 times stronger than normal glasses. Moreover, tempered glass screen protector-making companies are also offering cover curved edges nowadays to your Smartphone.

It has multiple layers of different elements such as Oleophobic nano-coating, shatter-proof film, and penetrable silicone coating at the top compressed into one and making the Tempered Glass Screen Protector much stronger and scratch-proof apart from heat and water resistance properties.

Some pros of tempered glass screen protectors are as follows.

  1. Undoubtedly, a tempered glass screen protector gives you an enhanced user experience and natural feel when you operate the phone.
  2. The extreme and smooth touch sensitivity is excellent when compared to Silicone Screen Guard.
  3. The tempered glass screen protector is much robust, hardened, and tougher than its Silicone counterpart and gives the phone additional extra layer protection.
  4. You will hardly notice the presence of a tempered glass screen protector because of the extremely natural look on your smartphone once it is installed properly without any bubbles, Silicone Screen Protector Vs Tempered Glass.
  5. A tempered glass screen protector safeguards your Smartphone from cracks, scratches that may come from sharp objects or metal objects like keys, coins, etc.
  6. The Oleophobic coating of tempered glass screen protectors helps to prevent excessive fingerprints and oil smudges.
  7. Wiping the screen is too much easy as you don’t have to use any external solution to clean it up.
  8. You will get excellent natural clarity, quality and enhance comfortable feel visuals along with excellent touch responsiveness.
  9. In addition, with a tempered glass screen protector, you can also get anti-spy protection advanced feature which is not possible for silicone screen guards.
  10. Easy installation of tempered glass screen protector than the Silicone screen guard protector, Silicone Screen Protector Vs Tempered Glass.

Some cons of tempered glass screen protector are as follows.

  1. A tempered glass screen protector may be a slightly bit costlier option when compared to the Silicone screen protector but it really worth what you pay.
  2. Make sure you shouldn’t reuse a cracked and scratched tempered glass screen protector because it might harm your fingers tips.

Conclusion for Silicone screen protector Vs Tempered glass

Silicone screen protectors came into the scene before the arrival of a tempered glass screen protector.

The fact is that after a certain point Silicone screen guard protector cannot change its properties or feature in order to adjust to the demands of the ever-changing Smartphone world.

In a nutshell, we will recommend you to go with the best-tempered glass screen protector rather than going for the cheap and sticky Silicone screen protector.

Because when you have already spent thousands of bucks to get the brand new smartphone, it’s nothing to spend some more bucks on best-tempered glass, right.

So, that’s the end for Silicone screen protector Vs Tempered glass 2021.

Hope you have found this post helpful, informative, and learned something new, so why not share it with your friends, foes, relatives, and of course those who have recently bought the new smartphone and confused between Silicone screen protector Vs Tempered glass.

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Thank You 🙂

Silicone Screen Protector Vs Tempered Glass 2021

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