10 Best Mobile Case Brands India 2023

10 Best Mobile Case Brands India 2020

Searching for the Best mobile Case Brands in India or Best Back Cover Brand for your smartphone?

Confused among the bunch of best mobile case brands available in the market!

Exploring to get a stylish and classic mobile case for your smartphone which also adds an elegant look!

Puzzled in the top 10 best mobile case brands in India what to choose and trust!

Curious to know the best phone covers brand in India!

If all Yes, Great. You are at the right place. Let’s do the hunt and dig out the 10 best phone case brands in India.

Today almost all Smartphones come with a featured coating of metal or glass build material that can get ruined on rough handling in the day-to-day usage. So picking up the best mobile case brand and then the best mobile case or back cover is a must to protect and guard your phone against accidental drops, bumps & scratches.

The best mobile cover or phone case not only safeguard your smartphone but also adds disastrous and overwhelming stylish look like displaying your favorite celebrity on phone case

Type of Mobile Cases

Before getting into the list of 10 best phone case brands in India 2021 you should be known that phone cases or back covers are broadly classified into 4 different categories – rugged, wallet, thin, and hybrid.

Let’s have a small brief overview of these phone cases quickly.

  • Rugged Cases: The rugged cases or rugged back covers are big, bulky, and heavy specially made of high-strength materials that will surely ensure to protect your phone from any type of damage and accidental drops. These cases or covers well suited for those who exposed to harsh and clumsy environmental conditions. The only drawback is its bulky size.
  • Wallet Cases: Wallet cases are nothing but the flip cover or folio cover in which we can keep our important cards, ID, cash, etc along with the safety protection of our smartphone. The flip cover keeps your phone display safe without needing a screen protector tempered glass.
  • Thin Cases: Thin cases are ultra-thin slim back covers made up of a single layer of polycarbonate or TPU. I hope you have definitely seen a lot of beautiful and good-looking thin slim cases.
  • Hybrid Cases: Hybrid cases are a mixture of rugged and thin cases. These cases are light highly compatible and durable providing the best safeguard protection to your smartphone. Hybrid Cases are made up of a combination of Polycarbonate and TPU bumper relatively with a thin dual-layer case.

The most popular and best choice for most smartphone users is Hybrid Case. This back cover provides an excellent option, features, a lot of protection, stylish look despite being quite thin and light.

These types of mobile phone cases or back covers will certainly offer some peace of mind about the safeguard protection of smartphones and most importantly available at the best price.

So you just need to spend some bucks to get your phone fully secured from any type of accidental damage, scratches, cracks, etc. and which brand of the mobile phone case to select in India we will help you to assist don’t worry.

10 Best Mobile Case brands India

Here is the list of our 10 Best phone case brands in India which you must choose from. Please have a look at our handpicked collection…

1. Spigen 

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Back Cover Case Designed For Iphone Xs

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Spigen back cover or mobile phone cases are the most highly recommended phone case brand in India. Why? Because it offers a wide variety of phone cases in its portfolio with ultra-slim, thin phone cases to rugged, TPU shells, and hybrid dual-layer cases or back covers with ultimate protection toughened kickstands. Spigen’s Rugged Armor and its Neo Hybrid mobile phone cases are the most popular and undisputed market leaders for all flagships top leading Global Smartphone Companies like Apple, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, OnePlus, Huawei, HTC, Realme, Poco, etc.  

Above all the Spigen phone cases or back cover are relatively available at cheap rates which you can easily afford and make your more attractive and secure. The thin, light, slim, and cushion technology shock absorption feature gives Spigen phone cases extra compatibility and durability with a good-looking elegant touch style

In a nutshell, if you are looking for a perfect and decent protective cover that doesn’t make your phone look too heavy then you can solely go for Rugged Armor cases of Spigen. No matter which type of case you are looking for, Spigen always gives you out-of-the-box quality phone cases. 

The Neo Hybrid is also one of the best or an alternative to Rugged Armor cases of Spigen. The Ultra-Hybrid, Liquid Crystal, and Long-lasting clarity is an excellent choice for your smartphone to display its original look with having a case.

2. Otterbox

Otterbox Phone Case Brand

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I will make it clear first, the Otterbox phone cases are expensive with prices ranging from $30-100$ exclusively, and if you are ready to spend a few more bucks for your smartphone case. Then you will have the magnificent & irresistible phone case back cover for your mobile phone which is highly attractive and eye-catching. Otterbox phone cases are amazing. 

 Along with its stunning design and layout, the Otterbox best mobile case brands in India 2021 phone cases will also provide heavy-duty protection, and raised screen bumpers in all phone case cover help to protect the screen. Otterbox phone case covers are available for almost all flagship smartphone brands. I highly recommend you to go for the Symmetry and Defender series of Otterbox they are just amazing!

3. Poetic 

Poetic Phone Case Brand India

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If you are on a hunt to get the best phone case within your budget then I highly recommend you go for the revolutionary best phone cases from Poetic. The rugged phone cases of Poetic come with a built-in screen protector with a kickstand feature. No matter what you say, the Poetic brand offers top-rated hardshell cases, and hybrid mobile back covers with revolution series. However, it shows some same features and capabilities of all other phone cases but still, it rocks with a stylish and beautiful good-looking layout and design.

So if you want complete all-around protection and safeguard your smartphone then go for Poetic phone cases or back cover. The Poetic phone case will protect your mobile from all types of accidental drops with its Shock-proof, Drop-proof, Scratch-proof, impact-resistant mobile case. Don’t forget it also comes with a screen protector tempered glass to keep your screen safe too. 

4. Urban Armor Gear

Urban Armor Gear Phone Case Brand
Urban Armor Gear

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The feather-light perfect blend rugged features sleek design you will get to see in one only UAG (Urban Armor Gear). The Urban Armor Gear phone cases are very much popular among the top-rated smartphone users but that’s not shocking and surprising at all. Most importantly the Urban Armor Gear rugged phone cases are diverse so you are not bounded just between the certain number of mobile case covers available. 

The UAG mobile case brand phone covers are also a bit expensive but they worth the price. The hard shell and soft impact resistance will surely protect your phone from any type of drops and bumps. 

5. Speck 

Speck Phone Case Brand

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If you want to keep your phone look good and in great condition too. Then you can go to the Speck mobile cases, they offer few variants of phone cases or covers but worth the quality because of their simple elegant look. You can also find Speck mobile cases for top-rated flagship phones too. 

Speck phone case covers are slightly lean towards the slim and ultra-thin design overview. But it doesn’t mean they are less protected and shock-proof. Speck phone cases are Slimmest and the most protective mobile covers with a no-slip grip feature to protect your phone from accidentals drops. 

6. Ringke 

Ringke Mobile Case Brand

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If you are searching for the best phone case for your old mobile phones then don’t be surprised Ringke mobile case brand offers the best phone cases for 2016 mode mobiles too. Ringke phone cases are not diverse much means they don’t have a variety of covers and cases to choose from but Ringke remains a popular and recommended choice for most smartphone users. The main reason for its popularity is the large of devices it supports with highly efficient and compatible design. 

In addition to the top-rated flagship mobiles, you will also find Ringke phone cases for Xiaomi, Poco, Lava, etc. and the best thing is that these phone cases by Ringke are available at a cheap price which you easily afford for Long-lasting usage. The rugged TPU bumpers are provided in the phone case to boost grip control for comfortable handling. 

7. TheGiftKart

Thegiftkart Mobile Case Brand

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I’m pretty sure you have seen the TheGiftKart phone case or back cover once. You will get the phone case of TheGiftKart at the cheapest price available in the market. If you have a tight budget and want a compatible, suitable, ultra-protective stylish phone case or back cover then TheGiftKart has a bunch of options available for you. 

TheGiftKart also has the flagship model phone case or cover which enhances the natural beauty of your phone design. This phone is extremely easy to install and uninstall whenever you want. The Premium finish & Ultra-rich good-looking transparent view makes it one of the best mobile case brands in India. 

8.  Incipio 

Incipio Mobile Case Brand India

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Do you know? Incipio is the first who introduce dual-layer protection slim phone case design in the market which later their DualPro series completely bang with the highest-selling records. Incipio offers a large range of phone cases for all types of flagship smartphones including Apple, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, Samsung, etc. 

Here in Incipio, you will find the best phone cases for every latest and old phone too. The stylish and extremely simple design of Incipio phone cases or covers will definitely get you engaged and protect your smartphone from dispersing shocks, harsh bumps, and drops. 

9. Valueactive

Valueactive Mobile Case Brand India

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I’m very much sure that you have also come across this best mobile case brand in India while doing research, right! The ValueActive phone case brand is a very much popular and most recommended brand for Samsung Smartphones. If you want to buy the best phone case for your Samsung Mobile Phone then the Valueactive phone case brand in India is the most trustworthy and quality brand. 

You can solely go for the Valueactive phone case brand available at the best price you can’t imagine. The precise cuts, ultra-slim sticky design, beautiful look, perfect fit, and full proof drop protection is for you at Valueactive for Samsung cases and covers mainly. 


Kapaver Mobile Case Brand India

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KAPAVER phone cases are highly dedicated to Xiaomi Redmi, OnePlus, and Samsung. If you want to get the best phone case with fortune investment KAPAVER phone case brand must have to be on your top list for sure. The slim design, material quality, beautiful look, and fully protected grip are unmatched with any other phone case brand available in the market. 

Each mobile case of KAPAVER comes with a Matte Finish Glossy Edges manufactured with the motivated design of Carbon Fiber Texture. So without having any doubt left you can go for the KAPAVER mobile case brand to get the best phone case or back cover for your smartphone. 

So what are you waiting for? Be adventurous and get your best mobile case brands in India 2021 now!


These are the Top 10 Best Mobile Case Brands in India 2021 which are the undisputed market leaders on which you can trust and go, providing full safeguard protection from any type of drops, shocks, and cracks.

The elegant stylish look, with beautiful design and eye-catching mixed colors of these branded mobile phone cases, make them unique and adds extra style to your smartphone. 

Don’t forget to get the best phone case for your phone to prevent any type of drops, bumps and accidental damage.

Getting the best pair of the back cover case for your mobile completes your SMARTPHONE. 

I hope you found this post helpful and informative, so why not share it with your friends, family, enemies, and those who frequently search for the best mobile case brands in India for their phone, so don’t forget to share because “Sharing is Caring”

Thank You 🙂

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