What is 11D Tempered Glass? Unbelievable Facts 2023

Searching for an 11D tempered glass screen protector! Curious to know how 11D tempered glass is manufactured?

What Is 11d Tempered Glass? Unbelievable Facts

Confused between 6D, 7D, 8D, 9D, 10D, and 11D tempered glasses, wants to buy a smooth experience sensitive touch operation natural viewing tempered glass, and most importantly is it worth the money?

Here I’m going to clear all your questions like what is 11D tempered glass, what are its uses, how is 11D tempered glass manufactured, which tempered glass to buy, what are the benefits of 11D tempered glass & some interesting facts. So let’s begin…

Best 11D Tempered Glasses for Phone

Well with deep research and a handful of experience, I have handpicked the best-tempered glasses for the selective trending mobile phones. Please have a look…

1. 11D Tempered Glass for Redmi Note 8

JGD 11D tempered glass is specially designed for Redmi Note 8 keeping in view its sharp edge curved, top-notch, 99.99% transparency, and bezels. It will give your 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

This 11D tempered glass will offer promising touchscreen sensitivity, high durability, and scratch-resistant features for your Redmi Note 8. In short the best deal for you.

2. 11D Tempered Glass for Poco X2

If you are searching for the best 11D tempered glass for Poco X2 then this POPIO tempered is for you. Easy installation, bubble proof, scratch-resistant, anti-glare, anti-shatter, and anti-fingerprint are some of the features which you will get in this tempered glass.

The hardness level provides accidental drop protection and compatibility to your Poco X2.

3. 11D Tempered Glass for Realme 6

11d tempered glass for realme 6

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Zarala rounded edge design and naked screen ultimate experience 11D tempered glass is waiting for your Realme 6. The Oleophobic coating prevents excessive fingerprinting, oil stains, and makes it very easy to clean and wipe dust & debris from the top of the screen.

This 11D tempered glass is silicon bubble-free which protects your phone from external and accidental damages. Most importantly available at the best price.

4. 11D Tempered Glass for iPhone 7

The best quality iPhone 7 tempered glass by OpenTech provides a smooth experience, soothing feel with 99.99% screen transparency. It comes with a hydrophobic, oleophobic screen coating that protects your phone against sweat, oil, and water.

Good round edges are compatible with 3D touch with ultra-thin (0.33 mm thickness). Above all, it will not get any scratches by your keys, coins, etc. when it is in your pocket. Interesting right! Give it a try you will never regret it.

5. 11D Tempered Glass for Samsung M31

Ultra-clean high definition tempered glass from JGD Products. If you are searching for Samsung M31 tempered glass then there is no match with this product. Ultra-thin thickness (0.3 mm) is reliable and resilient.

This screen protector also comes with a Wet and Drywipe too. Highly durable effective and worth quality product at the best price for you.

What is Tempered Glass?

Tempered Glass is basically a type of glass that provides full compatibility and safety protection to our gadgets. But what makes it different from standard glass is how they are made.

Tempered glass is manufactured by heating the material and quickly removing it which makes tempered glass come in a different structure.

The most important characteristic of tempered glass is when it breaks, the tempered glass piece shattered into minute small pieces whereas standard glass doesn’t.

This property of tempered glass get rids of danger and thus it is used as “Safety Glass” in a wide range of gadgets and applications like computer screens, ovens, coffee machines, shower doors, etc. However, we use tempered glass as a screen protector for our mobile phones and other electronic gadgets.

What is D in Tempered Glass?

So basically D indicates the dimensions of tempered glass, 2D means it comes with a slight edge curved, 3D indicates a more curved glass panel similarly 11D tempered glass comes with an ultra-edge prominent compatibility and safety protection.

The new version of the latest launch promising safety glasses “Tempered Glass” is coming nowadays. Today we are going to discuss 11D tempered glass specifications, the benefits of 11D tempered glass, and listing out the best-tempered glass for your phone.

What is 11D Tempered Glass?

So clubbing all the points described above, 11D Tempered glass is a multi-layered screen protection safety glass that offers strong hardness, natural viewing experience, rounded edge, and most importantly smooth feel while playing PUBG, Video Gaming, Chatting, etc.

11D Tempered glass is TEN Times stronger than the normal tempered glass

In day-to-day activities and the actions, multi-tasking we perform with our phone can severely affect the original screen and may result in any damage. So best back cover and tempered glass is a must thing every individual need to take after getting your phone in hand.

The screen light penetration ratio of 11D tempered glass comes to 99.99% and 3D edge, optical transmittance, 9H, anti-scratch thickness less than 0.2 mm makes it perfect for easy installation, screen clothing, and laser-cut polishing.

9H and 6H Hardness Ratings

While buying the tempered glass screen protection you may have noticed something written on the top. This is nothing but the hardness rating of tempered glass indicates as 9H and 6H pencil.

You may hear about Mohs Hardness, which is classified by Friedrich Mohs on the basis of mineral level on a scale ranging from 1-10. The higher the number more is the hardness that tempered glass gonna provide to your device. But it’s not like that.

9H & 6H mark indicates and trying to say if you scratch with 9H or 6H pencil on your tempered glass then nothing will happen to it, no scratch, no marks, no cuts, etc. feature that safety tempered glass will offer.

How to choose the best Tempered Glass?

Selecting the best-tempered glass for your device is a must to make it more secure, protective, and good-looking. In other words to say the selective tempered should not be more stiff, hard, and opaque.

Most importantly you must have to make sure the tempered glass is aligned perfectly with stick your phone screen. I have listed some of the important and effective points you should take into consideration before you buy tempered glass.

  1. Tempered glass must show 99.99999% transparency
  2. Perfectly align design with curved edges
  3. More the hardness (9H, 6H) more is the compatibility that tempered glass will provide
  4. Should not be more stiffed and tough
  5. Easy installation and replacement feature

These are some of the key points which you need to have in your mind while choosing the best tempered glass for your phone.

How to install 11D Tempered Glass on your phone?

The installation process of any tempered glass is pretty simple and quick. But if you haven’t done it yet before please make sure to have an idea. Because wrong installation and alignment can leads to bubbles pop-up on your screen. Which gives an awkward feeling while using the device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.)

  1. First, clean your device screen with peroxide (if available) or cloth very clean
  2. Make sure no dust sticks on the top of the screen
  3. Remove the packing cover from the tempered class
  4. Gently put the corners of tempered glass first on the device edges and slightly cover all the parts

Cheers! You have now successfully installed the tempered glass on your electronic device (smartphone, mobile, laptop, or tablet) the same goes for all.

11D Tempered Glass v/s Normal Tempered Glass

          Normal Tempered Glass

11D Tempered Glass

Provides normal protection from any scratch, cuts and marks  

Provides 10 Times more protection and normal one

Mostly used for normal featured mobile phones

It is used in almost every single latest lauch mobiles

Available at low cost 

Cost is little bit more but the quality worth price 

Recommended for normal usage, does not increase user engagement experience 

Highly engaging natural viewing experincing and soothing effect for video gaming, chattings, streaming etc. 

These are the common differences between normal tempered glass vs 11D tempered glass. Hope you got it!

Final Words for What is 11D Tempered Glass

So that’s the end of this post, if you like my handpick option out of the tons of choices please comment down below. Let us know which tempered glass you have selected.

If you like my work please share it with your friends, relatives, enemies, and family circle. Pass the information you will get twice of it. So take care till then, see you in the next post with exciting and informative information.

Thank you 🙂

What Is 11d Tempered Glass? Unbelievable Facts
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